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Stephan Olivier

Stephan grew up in a small country town in the heart of South Africa and has always had a real passion for farming and nature. His interest and passion got nurtured by parents, who both shared a love for these things.  Through his father’s job as an Animal Scientist he was able to tag along with him numerous times visiting farmers and farming shows.  His love for agriculture grew even further when his parents decided to send him to a nearby Agricultural High school.  After completing Grade 12, he studied at Elsenburg Agricultural College in South Africa for three years, graduating with a National Diploma in Agriculture with majors in Agronomy, Vegetable Production and Livestock.  He gained valuable international experience while working on a farm in England for two years and another year working in the Unites States of America.  His journey continued in the farming sector and he was able to gain more experience while working as a Farm Manager in South Africa for approximately 3 years. When he joined a large Agricultural Company called GWK Ltd, he gained more business experience while working as a Marketing Manager in seed potatoes.   However his love for traveling, farming and operating big equipment lured him to Canada and since August 2014 Monette Farms have been his new home. His current role is Operations manager at Monette Farms South.

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