Connor Langridge

Connor was born in New Zealand and grew up on a dairy farm.  At the age of 16 his whole family moved to Missouri, USA to get experience farming overseas for 2 years. In that time he graduated high school and went to The Missouri Welding institute and graduated with a master pipe fitting and welding certificate. He soon realized that his real passion and interest was being out on the countryside, farming, in 2012 his family moved to Scotland to continue dairy farming and Connor was the head equipment operator on Glennap Estate. Connor then moved back to America to gain more equipment experience while working in a custom harvest crew operating a combine for 8 months. In 2014 Connor moved to Canada and gained more valuable experience in grain farming and operating of big equipment while working for Amberfield farms. When Amberfield farm was acquired by Monette Farms he continued working as an equipment operator and second mechanic. Connor is now the Field operations manager at Monette South Farm.

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